Meevie – And I’m in the pack now…

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So one day with Julia has passed and I was second guessing my ability to parent a puppy. She did not seem to like me, I didn’t seem to connect with her at a deeper level, she couldn’t go out since she wasn’t fully vaccinated yet, I couldn’t go out as she was so small and couldn’t be left unattended. We both were in a pickle, wont you say?

Things were going like that. I was drinking my tea during late morning and watching something on TV, then all of a sudden, Julia got up from her place, came near me, put her head on one of my feet and snoozed. If I could see my heart then, it would definitely have been in liquid state. She was like this for about 5 minutes, and although there were pins and needles prickling my foot, I didn’t dare to move it an inch and I knew that she finally accepted me.

Next day, my brother and sister in law were coming over to visit me and I was ready with my surprise. When they were about two minutes away, Julia was ready in my arms to meet her Uncle and Aunty first time. When finally meeting happened , Julia, my brother, my sister-in-law all were equally shocked. Seeing two strangers in such a close proximity, Julia shrunk herself in a ball. She was so very shy. And I was happy that at least she is not aggressive towards strangers.

So, here we were, Julia and I, freshly bonded, I introducing her to new people and she slowly coming out of her shell. And all the doubts I had, were blown away. I knew it would be hard work ahead, but the trust Julia showed me was worth all the efforts..

Very shy pup after meeting her Uncle/Aunt first time, trying to melt into my legs …

Are you liking Julia’s and my journey with each other so far? If so, keep reading about it in upcoming posts.

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Have you experienced the first time an animal trusted you wholeheartedly? It’s an indescribable feeling. Let me know how was it with you in comments. I would love to know about it.

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    1. True… i’ll sometimes be on the verge of crying but I wont have it any other ways…love her to pieces 😍…Schnauzer and puppy at that are super adorable 🥰

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