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The Promises We Make in December

“I was just a kid , and I didn’t understand yet that dying people say things they don’t mean, and they make promises they can’t keep.”

― T.W. Grim 

Why I’m Reading this Book?

I’m a long time listener of NoSleep podcast. It’s a horror podcast and sometimes some story really strikes a note. Story that I listened to was ‘Nine brief scenes from the End of the World’ and I really liked it. When I searched about the author, I came across this book written by him. It was available on kindle for 3$, so I decided to purchase and read it.


John is a successful writer , but he is lonely, sad and alcoholic. He is suffering from alcohol abuse and his days are numbered. So, he starts writing the last piece before he dies. This is his story, story about his father and mother, about his father’s death in an accident and about a promise his dad made that he would be home by Christmas and couldn’t keep it.

My Review…

We all have heard or saw at some point of time, the story of a kid who lost his father. Mental, emotional and financial hardships he goes through due to this tremendous loss. And when a step-father is thrown in this mix, those hardships multiplies.

John , a well to do writer, is dying and he knows it. Before that happens, he wants to write one last story he didn’t tell anyone. It’s about his father and a promise he made. We all see our father like superheroes specially when we are kids. So, when a promise is broken by a superhero, it takes a toll.

John recounts the life after his father’s death, how his mother coped with it and chose a violent man to fill the void in her heart. How that choice finally became life-threatening for both of them and how they came out of this situation.

And even though it’s a tale told multiple times, writer is so good in his craft, you enjoy every line. You are in fact gripped by the story and feel the sorrow and pain of a broken family.

My Rating — 3

On the scale of: (1- Hate , 2- Neither like nor dislike, 3- Like, 4- Love, 5- Gaga)

Why anyone else should read this Book?

It’s a very small book, just 75 pages and well written. I read it in one hour. Story is gripping and well worth the time and money invested.

I like to support new talent. If there is someone whose style I like, I would like to appreciate them by purchasing their product. Because I believe the best way of praising someone goes through your wallet.

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.”


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