Meevie – Dancing to your tune…

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So, now it was established beyond any reasonable doubt that I’m the go to person for Julia. While she was shy of my brother (Piyush) and sis-in-law (Harmit) , she willingly comes to me. And my heart was filled with joy.

While my heart was filled with proper substance, our noses were filled with smell of piss and poop as she was going in home only. I’ve put the pee-pad , but she thought it was something to sleep on. I was too new at this to train her to go where I want her to. So, I was constantly looking for moisture on my wooden floor (which needs keen eyes) and for poop our noses were enough and ready with tons of cleaning supplies.

And I could finally do some chore of my own as Piyush and Harmit were here and they could keep an eye on Julia. This spare time I used to get a solid air freshener because that poop stench will permeate the air and just wont go away easily. And even though I wasn’t sure if she will do her business outside, I couldn’t take the risk of getting her outside. So, that’s how we spent our week together, in good company, good food, lots of laughter, love , piss and poop. 🙂

During this time we also chose Julia’s new name. After discussing many names, we picked three, Pixie, Eevie and Tweety. And with majority of votes, Julia was renamed to Eevie. Story behind the name Eevie is related to our love for Pokémon game. Eevee is one of the characters in this game and her ears are similar to our pup (see below) and that’s how Julia was christened as Eevie. 🙂

Eevee from Pokémon

We also talked to my parents and conversation became heated when my Dad questioned my ability to parent a pet and I got hyper because there was some ring of truth in it and it made me mad that other could see it, but then everybody calmed down and Dad explained he said that because he knows I’m used to of living alone and it would be hard for me to take care of a dog, a puppy at that. And I ended the conversation saying I understand, but I vowed at that time that I’ll prove everyone wrong, including myself. It would be hard, but what in life worth having is not?

Before Piyush and Harmit left, we took a chance of getting Eevie outside in a safe environment as weather was beautiful. And boy, did she enjoy it. We stayed there for about 10 minutes while Piyush clicked so many beautiful pictures of Eevie and when she suddenly jerked her neck causing the collar to snap and making her leash free, I had a mini heart attack and we quickly came inside.

In the evening , she was a little dull and I was scared that she would fall sick. I felt so guilty that to ease my guilt I put her on couch with me (which mind you was first topic of altercation between Eevie and I) and my brother smiled and said you are going to spoil her. And though outwardly I said, nope I’ll be strict, inwardly I nodded.

Are you enjoying Eevie’s tales? If so, keep reading about it in upcoming posts.

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Those initial days of bonding with your pets are unforgettable. How was your experience? Did you also struggle with bouts of doubt and guilt like me? Drop your tale about your pets in comments. I would love to know.

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