Meevie – What have I done?

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After bringing Julia home, I was at a loss for next few hours. She just sat where I put her and seemed depressed. After some time, she went to the dark gallery where bathroom is and sat at the mat in front of bathroom. I thought she liked the mat, so I brought the mat in the living room near me, and then she discarded the mat and sat in front of bathroom on bare earth anyways. Then, I left her be.

If I try to think like her, I just separated her from her siblings, her mother, and now I, a total stranger was in her face all the time. Anyone would want some time to think through, so I left her in peace.

After some time, my friend brought her things for me. A crate, some puppy treat, toys, harness, poop-bags, leash (having a friend who has a dog has its advantages). But Julia was as aloof as a dog can be. It was not what I expected, but I was in it for long haul, so I could wait.

I couldn’t took her outside as she was still due for two of her distemper shots and before that she was highly susceptible of getting sick. So, I, my home and my company was all I could give her.

Whole day passed like that. I informed few of my friends about me getting a dog finally. I didn’t inform anyone in the family as my brother and sister in law were planning to visit me within one week and I thought this would be a good surprise for them.

With somewhat anticlimactic end of this day, I prepared for bed. When I came out of bathroom, I saw her sitting like a queen on sofa and looking at me like ‘Yeah, so?’. And I didn’t like that. I was not up for having a dog in my sitting place , so I was like ‘Very cute, but No’. Then, I put her on her bed. And then, showing super attitude, she actually jostled with me to get on the sofa, while I was at my wits end that where did she get that sass from. Finally I yelled No while making myself big (that was hard, as I’m not very big to begin with), but it worked somewhat. She gave a little whimper and sat at her place.

And although I won, I didn’t like this altercation at all. I didn’t like my yelling, her whimpering and overall situation one bit, that too on very first day. And for first time, I seriously gave this a thought that am I up for it? and can I handle her? When rescue lady was explaining me the condition under which I can surrender her, I was laughing inwardly as I thought I would never do it. But now, when I was in this situation and this was not a walk in the park, at least for me, I was thinking about it and feeling ashamed. Mind you, this was the first time I’ve had any pet in my life. I had zero experience in handling a dog.

So, there was only one question in my mind… What Have I Done?

After trying unsuccessfully to get on the couch. Her back is towards me, she wont look at me…

Was getting Julia a mistake? Would I be a good pet-parent? Would this sinking gut feeling of what have I done will turn into something pleasant? Stay tuned to know more in upcoming posts.

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Have you been in a situation like this? Where you regretted for not thinking through before getting a pet? If so, how did you handle it. Let me know in your comments and don’t forget to like/subscribe if you liked reading this.

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