Meevie – Depressed dog?

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After finishing the formalities of adoption and with tons of instructions to take home this 9 week baby, Julia and I were on our own. Rescue gave me some food for her. And I had like thousands of questions. Has she eaten yet? Can I feed her now? How many times? Can she die of too much eating? But I couldn’t ask all of them, since event was wrapping up and as if to give it authenticity, nature decided to rain on us, and so everyone was breaking camp and leaving asap.

I decided to buy a collar and bed right there. By this time , it was raining hard. And my dog was patiently watching me bungling all around trying to find a good fit for her. Finally I just got stuff randomly and headed towards my car. It was raining so much that visibility was also slightly off. And, as direction-disabled person I’m, I forgot where I parked my car. I tried to set off horn, but no use. I was panicking thinking I already messed it up. In one arm , I had a puppy, in another, a dog-bed and a collar, and meanwhile I was also checking my car-keys, my phone and getting soaking wet by second.

Finally I saw my car, it took about 5 minutes in hard rain finding it, but there is no better feeling than finally finding your car in a parking lot. I set the dog bed in passenger seat, seat her in it and finally took a good look at her who is now my responsibility. It was all very surreal. I still couldn’t believe I have a dog.

I told my friend who was as shocked as I was at the rapidity of this process and he generously offered to get things for her, as I wont have anything at home, and I couldn’t leave her unattended. When at home, I set her bed in a corner, put some food in front of her and she just sat there without touching it with no emotions whatsoever. I realized, may be she is depressed.

And now we both are at home, looking at each other sideways, I thinking a depressed dog was not what I’ve imagined and Julia might have been thinking along the same lines. Who knows? In my imagination, I never thought beyond getting a dog, and now she is here and she wont talk/look at me. When I tried petting her, I got the feeling that she was just tolerating me and waiting for whatever I was doing to be over. Finally I stopped and kept thinking what to do next?

Depressed Dog on her first day at Furrever home

How long did it take for Julia to accept as a pack member? Stay tuned to know about Julia’s journey in upcoming post…

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Have you got a dog during pandemic? Drop his/her name in comments if you did. I love to know all about dogs these days and is that irritating person who wont shut up about their dog. 😉

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