Meevie – And I got my best friend

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When I reached at the park where adoption event was being held, I saw a dog fashion show was going on. For one second I thought those were the group of dogs I would get to choose from. I came back to reality when I saw the booths of different rescues with their dogs and a little crowd around them.

There were three booths in total, I took a stroll around them. One booth had all dogs adopted already; another had only one dog left, who was barking incessantly and they had his crate covered, I thought this would not be a great dog for me and my apartment ; and last had a litter of blonde colored pups, where a small crowd was oohing and aahing around them, and I thought I’m definitely late and not going to have any luck today. I was kind of relived too because I’m a big staller and when things actually come to culmination, I feel big resistance.

Anyways, since I was up on a Sunday morning and took efforts to reach there, I decided to ask someone if any pup is available or all are adopted. There was a guy near the play-pen and I could see 4 pups inside it. I asked him and he told only ‘Guy’ is available. ‘Guy’ was cute and I said what’s next? He directed me to a lady on a chair and she took the process from there.

She asked me to fill a form, provide my lease agreement with clause about pets, wanted two references, who would pick the call right away. She told me if everything checks out, I can take my puppy today. I was happy, shocked, amazed , fearful, all at once, such a strange feeling it was.

I filled the forms, provided all documents, gave two references. She called them in front of me and asked them questions like ‘Am I a fit person to have a dog?’, ‘Would I take the dog to vet and do all things necessary for him?’ etc. Both of my friends knew my obsession with dogs and reason behind changing my apartment. I passed with flying colors. And after about half hour, in a dreamlike state, I was told I can take my puppy home.

When I got to the pen, and lady asked my puppy to be handed over, she was told that ‘Guy’ is adopted (apparently multiple people were handling adoption process) and only ‘Julia’ is the last one left (Side note- this litter was named after famous chefs). My face fell and then I asked which one is Julia. And she pointed to a skinny little thing, lying in the corner, giving no attention to people around her, in a seemingly depressive state. Her energy seemed exact opposite to her siblings, who were playing and being super cute to people around her. I was silent for one second and the girl asked if I would like to hold her. I said sure and she picked Julia up and gave her to me. When I took her, she looked at me with those eyes that could tug at the heartstrings of anyone. And all doubts fell like house of cards. I smiled and I said yes, I’ll take her.

And that’s how I met my best friend…

Julia and I

More about Julia in next posts. Till then, have a nice day!!!

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Have you got a dog during pandemic? Drop his/her name in comments if you did. I love to know all about dogs these days and is that irritating person who wont shut up about their dog. 😉

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