Meevie – Stars are aligning

I’ve decided to document funny/not so funny stories of me with my dog, who is named Eevie. Meevie is the collection of me+eevie stories. She is my first dog, so this is like first love. She is constantly in my mind and my friend says I’m an obsessive dog parent (guilty as charged). Already there are too many stories and I intend to remember them all. Hence, creating this new category of blog.

I got her on Oct 10,2021. Always wanted to get a dog. But mom never allowed it. Later on, this wish faded away. It rekindled when I met my sis’s dog, Hermione. She is the sweetest dog alive on the planet and she stole my heart. I day-dreamed about kidnapping her and keeping her with me. But that would not be possible, so I started thinking about getting my own dog.


But like many other things in my life, I didn’t do anything concrete about it. Every time I would watch a dog movie, or see my friend getting a dog, or anything dog related, I would say I would also get one day. But that one day was far in future. Then pandemic hit, and though I like my own company, I started feeling the urge to get the dog intensely. Maybe it was not the craving of a company, but more like coming to the terms with my own mortality due to covid. Life has no assurance, and there are so many items in my to-do list. Getting a dog and experiencing that most-talked about friendship was utmost in that list. And that’s when I got serious

My current society wasn’t pet-friendly, so I decided to move. That was a huge decision, because other than this one issue, I was happy with my apartment. I even tried convincing them to let me keep a pet, but that didn’t happen. So, I put in the notice and moved to a place with 5 years worth of my things, which put extra 800$ dent in my wallet.

After making this radical move, I have to get a dog and pronto. I wanted to get one from shelter, but my friend who recently got his own dog, told me it was a lengthy process and might even take about an year. I was horrified. I was also leaning towards taking one from breeder (I know not good, but I’m known to be impatient).

After about 1 month of my move, my friend told me about this dog adoption event happening in the neighborhood and asked me to check it out. I marked my calendar and had half a mind to go there. Since it was happening on Saturday at 9 am, I wasn’t sure I would wake up on time.

But stars were aligned and I woke up on time and went to this park where AMPR (Amazing mutts puppy Rescue) was holding an adoption event.

To be continued ……………

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Have you got a dog during pandemic? Drop his/her name in comments if you did. I love to know all about dogs these days and is that irritating person who wont shut up about their dog. 😉

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