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The Final Girl Support Group

“Sometimes you need the money more than you need to live with yourself.”

― Grady Hendrix

Why I’m Reading this Book?

This book is the Goodreads Choice Awards winner in Horror category. Other award winning book I read was beautiful-world-where-are-you and it was a total bust. But I still naively believe that there must be something in these books that made them award-winner, So I’m giving this book a chance.


Premise of this story is based on those one last sole survivor of a murder spree, who gets left behind with constant horror, years of therapies and scars left on body and soul, when all the drama related to killer and murdered simmers down. Writer calls them final girl. There is a support group for them where these broken girls come together and try to live a life. Idea behind this final girl thing is that there are people who are obsessed and admire killers and for them these final girls are a constant target, to appease their idols or whatever their deranged mind is convinced of. When one of the final girls get murdered, all others realize that now its their turn and they have to do something about it or they will die….

My Review…

I yawned so much and so big that my mouth’s corners started bleeding. First of all, it took me a while to understand final girl concept and challenges they are facing. It was hard to digest that after 15-20 years of incident, there are people who are still after them and will do an elaborate planning to murder them.

All of them are old and mostly rich (due to their story rights sold to movie houses etc) and still any tom, dick or harry can come and kill them anytime. All the safety precautions they are talking for years, go down the drain very quickly with so less fuss.

I wont mention the killer, but once you get to that part (if you read this book), its laughable.

For me , it was a very juvenile book, written about a very boring topic. All characters were moronic and very self-centered. In short- total flop.

My Rating — 2

On the scale of: (1- Hate , 2- Neither like nor dislike, 3- Like, 4- Love, 5- Gaga)

Why anyone else should read this Book?

Murder/torture kind of things is written in very descriptive style with lot of gore/blood and flinch worthy details, so if you are into that , you might like it.

There was nothing supernatural here, it might be deemed as horror because of its theme of day-to-day real life horror. For me , it was horror because this book is award winner in horror category. What is happening to quality writing?

I’m not going to suggest this book to anyone, it was not hate-worthy, but it was a time-waste and there are many books out there worth reading.

“Reading good books ruins you for enjoying bad books.” – Mary Ann Shaffer


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