We Should All Be Feminists

I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femininity. And I want to be respected in all my femaleness. Because I deserve to be. – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Why I’m reading it?

This book was mentioned as one of the shortest book one can read in 1 hour. It’s ratings were very good too. I researched a little more about it, and I found this book is a TEDx talk given by author. And that talk became so famous, it was rightfully converted into book.

My Review…

This book really does justice to its hype. In very simple narrative, authoress talks about her childhood, the discrimination, subtle or outright, she faces in her home country Nigeria while growing up. When she retaliates, she is labelled feminist. When she heard this word first time, it didn’t sound like a compliment. She realized this word has a negative connotation.

She researched about this word and then embraced it and in her talk, she tries to make everyone understand that feminism is not about hating men, being angry or having no sense of humor, but a feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. This person can be anyone. This person should be everyone.

Feminist word carries a lot of negative baggage, hour has come to truly understand it and inculcate its true meaning in our children, girl or boy. And that’s why we should all be feminists.

My Rating – 4

On the scale of: (1- Hate , 2- Neither like nor dislike, 3- Like, 4- Love, 5- Gaga)

Why anyone else should read this Book?

As mentioned before, this is a very short book, this book was word to word converted from a half hour TEDx talk. I literally read it in half hour.

Second, like any good book, this book deals with a serious topic in few words and leaves a large impact. It should be a must read for everyone. To understand social , cultural, individual bias and make a change by standing against it.

Third, if you hear feminist, and grimace, read this book. This would turn the meaning of this word around for you.

Fourth, although subject is serious, prose is not. Writer is very witty and she dealt the topic with a sense of humor you will appreciate.

Finally, although seems like a book for women, it’s for everyone. As the title suggests, we should all be feminists, so everyone should read to know, what for?

Have you read it? Are you planning to? What is your opinion? Share them here. Till next time, Happy Reading Folks!!!

Love- Richa

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