Meevie – First Separation!

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My planned vacation dates soon came fast and I had to leave Eevie for 1 month. I got her on 10th October and I left her in a trainer’s care on 20th. Only 10 days she was with me and I was on an immense guilt trip. But I was also looking forward to my vacation and get away from the responsibilities of taking care of a dog which I didn’t think would be too much.

Anyways on 20th October, we drove to the trainer’s place. On that day, in the morning, she behaved like an angel and gave me more guilt. During car drive, she would keep looking at me. Finally we reached there, trainer took her in his arms, but Eevie was too agitated. She was shaking and continued looking at me. Trainer asked me to drop her food/medicines etc. and then I could leave. Before turning I looked at Eevie and she gave me a look which will haunt me for the lifetime. It took every ounce of strength to leave her there. When I reached my car though, I bawled like a child and I was equally surprised by the flood of emotion and hold of Eevie on me in such a short span of time.

Night before the drop off!

When I reached home, I was quite depressed and inexplicably angry on myself. I painted like crazy that day as I kept saying to my friends that I’m not painting because of getting a dog and now since she was gone, I don’t have any excuse. Also, I wanted some distraction.

A painted all these in one day to distract myself!

Soon, vacation started. I celebrated Halloween, Diwali, my birthday, visited Colorado, had fun in steamboat springs, also got an speeding ticket a day before my birthday ( I paid the fine but still maintain I was within limit), visited Routt National Forest, Rocky national Park, hiked, laughed and basically decompressed. But throughout all this, I would keep thinking of Eevie.

Trainer was a kind of person who is very good with Dogs but not very good in maintaining communication with people. He wont send me any updates about her, and if I asked, he would give reply in monosyllables. And that made me miss Eevie more and more. So, by the end of vacation, I was homesick and desperately wanted to see her. I would imagine horrible scenario involving her and be continually anxious regarding her.

I had set up a Calendar and will cross every day until I meet her. Finally the day came, I was full of anticipation for how Eevie will be so happy to see me. She will come running towards me and I’ll scoop her in my arms. Well, nothing like that happened. When I reached there, she was in a women’s arm , fed and ready to go on her walk. She just looked at me and for a second I didn’t recognize her. When the lady asked which dog is yours, I pointed to one in her arm and said I think she is. Then she started wagging her tail and as soon as I tried to pick her up, she ran away from me because she was scared of my handbag! This union was nothing like I imagined, but it brought down my emotional state a notch and made me normal again.

I would cross a date every day till we meet again!

On the way home, she puked in the car and that was the first time I realized she has motion sickness. She threw up in the cup holder , so cleaning that was fun. And friends, that’s how our first separation ended and at the end of the day we both were happy to see each other!

When I adopted Eevie, I didn’t know I would be on a such emotional riot. She evoked those emotions in me I thought I didn’t have. Each day is a surprise and filled with so much love. And that’s why folks, you get a dog!

Let me know your emotional experience with a dog that were a total surprise for you. Dogs make us a better human being, I felt it firsthand. Would love to hear from others as well!

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