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The Martian Chronicles

“We earth men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things.” 

― Ray Bradbury

Why I’m Reading this Book?

I’m smitten by Ray Bradbury’s writing since ‘Fahrenheit 451’ . This book is also mentioned as one of his good books. So, time to read.


Book details the accounts of inhabiting Mars by Human over the period of time. Like when they first meet Martian, how few people first come, then another batch , then another and slowly start changing Mars in earth-men’s mould. Story doesn’t have a protagonist, or a regular cast of characters, or even a definite story-line. This book is a collection of sub-stories which as whole tells us about life on Mars.

My Review…

Incidents cover the period from 2030 to 2057 and how human fare on Mars. Man meets Mars people and expects a pat on the back for this accomplishment without realizing that he is an alien and people on Mars might be skeptical of them as we on earth are (remember all those alien invasion movies). When they didn’t receive the expected welcome, they destroy Mars civilization. No surprise there, we have the capacity to destroy a planet, what one more civilization to us?

But once he has a new planet to him, was he finally happy? Would that be a new beginning? Will he live happily ever after? Of course not… our circumstance are controlled by our nature, not by which planet we live in. We carry our misery with us all the time and we spread it wherever we go. Man infested Mars with his Gods, religions, towns, destructions, memories, red-tape and push the very people who came to get away from this at first place. They make business plans while they wait for the next batch of people coming from earth which is inevitably lined up for total annihilation. They watched when they see earth one last time as a ball of fire engulfed in nuclear fury. They battled loneliness and depression on this lonely planet waiting for a living being touch. They explore dead city and then Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune for someone… anyone?

This book is not an easy read. It has a dreamlike quality to it with a sense of impending doom. It depicts the fallacy of humans and hopelessness of its existence. It says something about the futility of escapist behavior because we can’t escape ourselves. Unless there is a fundamental change in this species, its beyond any hope.

My Rating — 3

On the scale of: (1- Hate , 2- Neither like nor dislike, 3- Like, 4- Love, 5- Gaga)

Why anyone else should read this Book?

Ray Bradbury really makes you think. What are we doing to our planet, what will we do to another planet if we are the same? Everyone should ask these questions to themselves. This book is a start to look, really look into us.

Book has no specific storyline. It chronicles major incident on Mars like any historical accounts. It makes it easy to pick and read wherever you left off.

If you are into science fiction, Mars, Elon Musk, this should be must read.

While living with pandemic, we have plenty of time for introspection and make a change. If not in world, then in ourselves. Change starts from home.

Stay home, Stay Safe!!!

Have you read it? Are you planning to? What is your opinion? Share them here. Till next time, Happy Reading Folks!!!


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