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Night Shift

“And the great appeal of horror fiction through the ages is that it serves as a rehearsal for our own deaths.” — Stephen King

Why I’m Reading this Book?

There is no reason for me to read Stephen King except that I really like his stories. It’s a collection of some of his very famous ones, and it was in my digital library for a long time. I’ve done some heavy and serious reading, so it was time for some plain old good horror.

My Review…

With a total of 20 stories, this is an impressive collection which includes objects( truck, lawnmower etc) to entities (boogeyman, corn devil) to scare you off.

  1. Jerusalem’s Lot– This story was a like a bad dream. It was sometimes hard to understand the rantings in Charles bones’s letters. But there was a ‘Bad’ house, ‘Bad’ ancestors, a’Bad’ lot called Jerusalem’s lot and a ‘Bad’ ending. There is an extended version of it in ’Salem’s lot’ , may be I’ll read that. This story left me unsatisfied.
  2. Graveyard Shift – I was aware about this story as I’ve watched the movie. It was amusing. Rats are usually repulsive and Stephen has given them a sinister side too. Also a sadist boss reminded me of too many people.
  3. Night Surf– Last men (and women) standing after apocalyptic event Captain Trips. I’ve read about Captain Trips in his novel ’Stand’ in detail. This story is similar to novel and considering the time (COVID-19), story is too close for comfort. Unlike the novel, story shows the decline of civilization and hopelessness in the wake of it.
  4. I am the Doorway– Story about an astronaut who brought aliens with him and how. It’s really interesting how he comes to know about it, deals with it and get rid of it.
  5. The Mangler – Story of an evil machine in an industrial laundry press. What it does to its victims is horrifying and end of the story is superb.
  6. The Boogeyman – Boogeyman is an imaginary monster, but what if it’s real? What if it’s after your children? Reminded me a lot of ‘Babadook’ movie. Twist in the end is good.
  7. Gray Matter– Alway check what’s in your beer because if you don’t, you might turn into ‘God knows what’.
  8. Battleground– Face off between a contract killer and toys. Huh? Yes, that’s the story. It’s quite creative.
  9. Trucks– Monster trucks come alive and are actually justifying their name. Is there a way out?
  10. Sometimes they come back– Ghosts from the past are appearing and they are turning his life upside down. If nothing is done soon, he will meet the fate he escaped.
  11. Strawberry Spring– Strawberry spring is like Indian summer, it’s a false spring, a lying spring. Strawberry spring means the worst storm of the winter is still on the way – and the longer this lasts, the harder the storm. It’s the story about strawberry spring and like its name though it feels pleasant , there is a menace about it. A serial killer strikes in this spring and everybody is baffled who is it.
  12. The Ledge– A bet / a wager, walking on ledge, story about revenge. Is there a welsher(fail to honor)? It’s a thriller and a good one.
  13. The Lawnmower Man– A gory story of a lawnmower and a psycho operating it. It can make you queasy.
  14. Quitters, Inc. – I’ve watched a movie bases on that (No Smoking) and wanted to read this since then. Although it’s not as scary as movie, it does justice. A very novel way to quit smoking.
  15. I know what you Need– What if you find a person, who knows exactly what you need. Happy.. satisfied..spooked.. unsatisfied?
  16. Children of the Corn– Turned into major motion picture, it shows the malevolent nature of children and what harm can they do even if they are innocent.
  17. The Last Rung on the Ladder– This is the story about regrets and reminiscence. You don’t have time for your loved ones, what what happens when those loved one’s are not there anymore?
  18. The man who loved Flowers– A horror story wrapped in a nice paper. A hammer killer is on loose, a young man is bringing flower to his beloved, what will happen?
  19. One for the Road– Another story about Salem’s lot. Two nice guys help a man who lost his family in that lot.
  20. The Woman in the Room– Dilemma of a man seeing his mother in pain and hopeless cure. Is euthanasia is an option? Can he do it? A sensitive story.

My Rating — 4

On the scale of: (1- Hate , 2- Neither like nor dislike, 3- Like, 4- Love, 5- Gaga)

Why anyone else should read this Book?

Stephen king has the skills to turn any object, person or event in a scary story. All 20 stories are different and you will be surprised at the variety of subjects he introduced.

Not all stories are about ghosts or boogeyman, some are just psychological thriller. It’s refreshing to read about them.

When you are full of serious stories, read this to just lighten up. At least it did the trick for me.

Have you read it? Are you planning to? What is your opinion? Share them here. Till next time, Happy Reading Folks!!!

Love- Richa

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